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In partnership with Sina Hotels and inspired by the location of their hotels, we have curated speculative resort experiences around Italy answering the question: How do we live together, the topic of the 17th Venice Biennale.

The works shown are the result of  ‘Digital Romanticism’ research led by Delfina Bocca and Amelia Vilaplana in Oxford Brookes during 2019-2021. Through the design of a series of resorts and hotel rooms, we have been exploring the politics of love and how to shape new ways of living together with each other and with the environment.   Following B. Penner’s writings on the Poconos honeymoon resorts built in Pennsylvania after WW2 to perform and restore traditional domesticity, we have created a domestic disobedience laboratory to generate speculative versions of living environments in the form of domestic functional objects, habitable shelters, and honeymoon resorts for today's complex domestic demands.


Hugbike. Nebiyu Yared

Self Satisfaction. Nur Sajeli

Self Love. Paruch Piyachot

Astro Romanticism. Navid Fatehpour

Reliance. Shue Lee

Disobedience. Helena Gatland

Corpo Romance. Paruch Piyachot

Bikini Couture. Rada Daleva 

Food Porn. Rada Daleva

Unit leaders:

Delfina Bocca, Amelia Vilaplana

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